Regeneration / Wrinkle reduction -36%

Aloe Vera, Vitamines A+E+C, Panthenol, luxurious oils, Dermaxyl CL and cell-active Q10

  • Protects against oxidative stress
  • strengthens the epidermis
  • Regenerates UV-damaged skin
  • Dermaxyl Cl peptide complex cater for wrinkle reduction in volume -36% and depth -27
  • Boosts the lipid barrier, firms the cell structure
  • alleviates tautness, flaky aereas dwindle

TIP: Mix with Cell Fitness for a strong ANTI-AGING-MASK

Application: as final treatment for dry skin. Is very well suited for eczema (neurodermtatitis), teleangiektasies, couperose, inflammation.

CELL REPAIR is available in units of 35ml and 100ml